May we introduce? Nikolett Hegedüs!


You are software developer for Reppublika. What is your actual field of activity?

Nikolett Hegedüs: I'm still really new to the company, so I started getting to know the system with the help of my colleagues. I started working on Circle / Panel Management back-end and testing.


What is exciting and what is challenging about your job?

Nikolett Hegedüs: Working with an international team is a new experience for me, and I think it's an exciting opportunity. Getting to know the system, infrastructure and terminology is challenging in a good way.


What’s driving in your job?

Nikolett Hegedüs: To solve problems and create things that are useful for other people.


If you were not software developer at MindTake Research, what job would you like to have?

Nikolett Hegedüs: Most likely I would be a developer at another company, but I'm really glad that I'm part of this team now :)


What were your previous professional stations?

Nikolett Hegedüs: I was working in Hungary as a developer at some local companies, developing websites, and working on a server security product for a while.


Where were you educated? Which schools and universities did you attend?

Nikolett Hegedüs: I attended high school in a smaller city in northeastern Hungary, and went to the University of Debrecen afterwards to study library and information science, with a focus on web development.


What are your hobbies? What are you doing in your spare time?

Nikolett Hegedüs: I like music and started to learn playing the synthesizer / piano last year. I'm currently attending a "school of rock" kind of music school and have the opportunity to perform on some live concerts. I also like cats and dogs - have two cats at the moment -, hiking, traveling and reading.


Which is your favorite book and which is your favorite movie?

Nikolett Hegedüs: My favorite book is Weaveworld from Clive Barker and since I can't choose a single favorite movie, let me just say that I love the works of the Monty Python group.


What is your idea of happiness?

Nikolett Hegedüs: Finding balance and some peace of mind, recognizing and accepting things that can't be changed, and being able to change what can be changed for the better.


What natural gift or what talent would you like to have?

 Nikolett Hegedüs: Would be nice to be able to sing or having a natural talent for graphic design. But I very firmly believe that when someone has a very powerful drive and is working really hard, almost everything can be learned.