Semiotic Analysis

MindTake uses semiotic analysis as a component in projects that investigate elements of brand strategy, brand positioning,  market and competitive evaluation,  communications and advertising evaluation, creative development and product innovation. Broadly speaking, semiotics is the study of cultural signs and symbols, and semiotic analysis is a deeper look into the unconscious cultural patterns that shape consumer behaviour and response to textual messages, thematic content and still or video imagery.

The wealth of methods available and, above all, their meticulous accuracy make semiotics a toolkit that is well-suited to analyzing any kind of message-centric forms of communication and which provides a good companion to studies that focus on the recipient of the message (the viewer, listener, reader). Semiotic analysis looks beyond the surface of the message, studying verbal signs as well as visual and auditory ones, thus revealing more deeply the underlying structures of meaning, and helping to understand which elements are responsible for creating corresponding effects.