Online panels and communities

With almost half a million members in our community, and 15 years on the market, MindTake is one of the leading panel operators and digital data collection specialists in central and southeastern Europe.  Operating both online and offline under the Talk Online Panel brand, we are active in 21 markets, focusing on the German-speaking countries and CEE/SEE, with our most recent launches in Greece, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.


Panel membership is on a voluntary basis: users are motivated to join by a country specific-rewards plan that sees them earn points for each completed survey, with points later exchangeable for vouchers, charity donations or cash. We recruit widely across demographic segments and constantly refine our deep profiling of our users, currently comprising some 400 attributes, including personal and family status, employment, education, shopping and finances, automotive, media consumption and device usage : this means we can drill down our samples and achieve representative studies even among hard-to-reach target groups.  All our panelists are registered triple-opt-in. They are deemed active according to ISO standards, meaning they must show activity at least once a year.


Quality is paramount, and we follow ESOMAR guidelines as well as the strictest data security protocols. Answer data is anonymised and user details are never shared with clients or third parties. Project and field management is done centrally out of Vienna to streamline operations and allow for consistent quality control but our panels are managed locally by native speakers who know the culture and market conditions, so they can advise on cultural sensitivities and tailor the incentive portfolio to local tastes. 

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