Developers Recruiting Guide 2019

Good software developers are in high demand and can often chose between several options when changing jobs. When recruiting a developer or even a team, there are many things to consider. How can you maximize your attractivity when recruiting new employees? What are the developer's priorities when searching for a job and during the recruiting process?

The Developers Recruiting Guide can help - here are some key insights from the 2019 report:
  • Asked to rate their satisfaction with their current job, 3 out of 4 developers said it was high or very high, with less than 1 percent reporting extreme dissatisfaction.
  • Overall, salary (78%) was mentioned as the number one priority when choosing a job, followed by working hours amount and flexibility (69%) and working conditions on an emotional level, such as decision-making and conflict resolution (56%).
  • Salary was also the top reason (46%) cited for their last job change, with working conditions on an emotional level (37%) in terms of decision-making and dispute resolution coming in at second place.
  • 1 in 2 women said they had ‘encountered a situation of serious unpleasantness or conflict at work
  • Contrary to stereotypes of developers as unfit nerds living on junk food and computer games, the survey section on lifestyle habits revealed the sector to be health-conscious and keen on a varied lifestyle. 
  • Mobility emerged as an important characteristic of the sector’s talent, the analysts added, with 27 percent of respondents very enthusiastic about a job abroad, and roughly 53 percent willing to consider it under the right circumstances
  • Berlin, Vienna, New York, Barcelona and London were top choices for cities where Developers would consider relocating.


About the study

MindTake Research issues the guide in cooperation with WeAreDevelopers, Europe's leading developer conference. WeAreDevelopers takes place once a year and was founded to give developers from all around the world the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. Based on surveys with participants of the conference, the guide is the definited guide to the trends in the sector, straight from the source.