Qualitative Research

At MindTake we use group discussions and individual interviews both offline and online in order to explore topics and target groups in depth, and to better understand the motivation for decisions and behaviors, as conveyed in a subject's own words, without external influence. These qualitiative methods can stand alone, but also be applied in combination with a quantitative study, for example when it comes to testing new ideas, concepts or products that are explored qualitatively and quantified after implementation.


Depending on the study design and target groups, we can use our online software to moderate discussion online, we can go on site at the home or office of the target person, or we can conduct the discussion in our own premises, right in the heart of Vienna. 

  • From focus groups and round tables to interviews — an ideal space in the heart of Vienna

Focus group facilities

Conventiently located near the public transport hub of Karlsplatz for easy access to the airport and major train stations, our offices feature a  feature a state of the art interview room with a one-way mirror plus a video recording and simultaneous translation audio system. We take care of the entire process, from finding interviewees to moderating, catering and transcribing, and can arrange custom packages for any level of involvement.

  • Proprietary panels offering deep insights into consumer opinions, attitudes and wishes

Access to 1.3 million people in 25 countries

MindTake enjoys a close relationship with a sister company operating one of the largest market research communities in Austria and Germany and central and southeastern Europe. Run through a network of representative offices and local project managers in each of its 25 countries, it can draw on its community base of 1.3 million people  across the region to invite for customer insights communities, group discussionsor other research related studies. It also serves as a pool for MindTake's tracking and metering projects that allow us to collect behavioral data, cross-device and throughout the day, to better understand customer journeys and user behavior. 

Semiotic Analysis

MindTake uses semiotic analysis as a complement to our qualitative logo or advertising pre-tests, and as acomponent in projects that investigate elements of brand strategy, brand positioning,  market and competitive evaluation,  communications and advertising evaluation, creative development and product innovation.

The aim is to glean background information and a deeper understanding on the emotional impact and the appeal of scribbles, logos or other image and font elements.


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