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  • #stayathome, live online. Austrians are stressed, but emotionally engaged during the Corona-shutdown

    During the first week of the Corona shutdown, Austrians tried to adapt to the practical and emotional realities of a spatially limited life: Their main stress factor was the worry of family members and friends getting sick. Internet use increased dramatically during this period, as daily routines of Austrians generally shifted to digital mode. News and entertainment portals as well as home office and communication tools are the clear winners of the Corona shutdown. 

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  • News portals, home office tools and online supermarkets are the winners of the Corona shutdown

    In the early days of the Corona shutdown, the Austrians rushed to set up their home office and communicate with friends and family. A considerable increase in reach was recorded on the portals of grocery stores, and especially among those who already had functioning delivery services. Retailers without convenient online shopping facilities as well as the travel and tourism sector are among the current losers of the Corona crisis. 

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  • #Westayathome, but research never stands still

    Developments due to Covid-19 are fast and unpredictable and their repercussions uncertain. In order to adapt as best as possible to the new situation we need reliable data more than ever. MindTake has been a digital-first company since its founding 20 years ago – also in this difficult moment we continue our mission to always provide our clients with the best, newest data, as well as trend analysis

  • Keep Calm and take Vitamic C : Austrians went into the Corona-storm with common sense and pragmatism

    In the week before the extraordinary measures to contain a Coronavirus outbreak, Austrians were calm, pragmatic, and reassured by their faith in medical professionals.
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  • Austrians have great confidence in their doctors!

    A recent survey by MindTake Research looks at the user behavior and purchasing habits of Austrians when it comes to medication and visits to the doctor. The conclusion: men tend to use conventional medicine, while women and those under 29 years of age also tend to use alternative medicine. Austrians have great trust in their doctors and yet, at the same time, the majority of them has already ordered medicine online. 

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  • How user-friendly are online configurators and car brochures?

    The master's thesis "Carstomization" by a student of Digital Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Science St. Pölten, which was developed in cooperation with MindTake Research, examines the user-friendliness of online configurators and car brochures, as well as the basic attitude of Austrians towards buying a car online. 

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